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White Beaded Bracelet - Available in all charms

White Beaded Bracelet - Available in all charms



Which charm defines you?

Fearless: You are brave and ready to take on the world. You take chances and have no regrets.

Girlboss: see it, want it, and achieve it. You are an unstoppable force and can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Independent: You are your own woman. You love yourself and follow your dreams.

Confident: You are self-assured and know how strong you are. Your head is held high no matter what comes your way.

MombossYou are the one who holds it all together. Admired and relied upon by your children. A real life superhero.

Fierce: A fierce woman stands her ground when the going gets tough. She is not afraid to take risks in order to better herself, and the world around her. 


A classic stretch beaded bracelet white beads and gold plated charms. 

One size fits all.

Made in the fabulous USA!