Our Story & Mission:

"To empower women one accessory at at time."

Our mission is to empower and support other women.  When women come together the impossible can be achieved.  I first started my company only designing handbags. It was all about designing a stylish & classic handbag.  

Throughout my journey, I had to fight many battles being a woman.  The most difficult fight was finding a factory to trust working with a woman.  I would travel to downtown Los Angeles into Compton and throughout intimidating areas of New York City to meet with any factory that would give me a meeting. As I look back I think of all the danger I was potentially putting myself in by going in these areas and crazy things did happen throughout this journey; however I never once thought of giving up.  

Once I found our first factory and had a collection I began to hit the streets in cities all over the USA in an attempt to begin to expose my brand & convince boutiques to carry my line.  Some stores were amazing and some loved to scold me for showing up without a scheduled appointment.  How do I schedule an appointment when I can't get buyers to call me back given they had yet to hear of my brand.  

Traveling city to city lugging huge hockey equipment bags full of handbags was not the easiest as I was doing it alone; however when you really want & believe in something you put your mind to it so I did it. I was very fortunate to meet so many women whose stories inspired me.  

I kept seeing a trend that many women had big dreams and goals but were scared to take the first step or whatever situation might be that was crippling them to allow them to begin. I felt I had a purpose and it wasn't just designing handbags.  I wanted to create something to empower women. I developed our bracelet line to help inspire women while also allowing me to give back to empower women.  We teamed up with Girls Inc. Charity and donate $1 from each sale to help educate young women to be smart, strong, and bold.