About Nic D'Andrea






At a young age, Nicole D’Andrea watched in awe as her great grandfather worked away in his cobbler shop. It was a craft he had brought to America to create a new life for his growing family. This first-hand education in work ethic and cultural heritage soon became Nicole’s own story of achievement, perseverance, and inspiration. 

What she learned in her great grandfather’s humble cobbler shop would serve her well when she was hired to work with fashion icons like BCBG’s Max Azria, and LD Tuttle. After studying at The International Academy of Design in Chicago, Nicole had the privilege of studying at Ars Suttoria in Milano, Italy where she continued her education.

Nicole learned the art of identifying quality leathers, how to source the best hardware elements, and how to draft exquisite patterns that bring inspiration to life.

In 2017, after launching multiple successful businesses, Nicole received an incredible honor and achievement: she was presented with the title of Woman to Watch in business in Rhode Island.

In 2018, Nicole created the now-widespread Nic D’Andrea line of bracelets. But the journey was not easy. 

“I had to fight so many battles. The most difficult fight was finding a factory that would trust working with a woman. I would travel to downtown Los Angeles and throughout industrial areas of New York City to meet with any factory that would give me a meeting.

Once the first collection was produced, I began to hit the streets in cities all over the USA in an attempt to convince boutiques to carry my line. 

Traveling city to city lugging huge hockey equipment bags full of handbags was exhausting, and I was doing it all alone. But I never gave up. 

I believe when you really want and believe in something, you put your mind to it. So I did. And I was very fortunate to meet so many women whose stories inspired me along the way.” 

After working tirelessly to build her own brand, she wanted to remind OTHER women to chase their dreams, own their self-worth, and celebrate who they are, too. The Nic D’Andrea charms became daily reminders for all women who wear them to be the best version of themselves, and never give up.  

Now, Nicole focuses her energy on creating new offerings, like an inspired line of apparel (https://nicdandrea.com/collections/apparel) and growing the brand to support its mission of empowering women and girls around the world. 

You can learn more about our mission and charity work here (https://nicdandrea.com/pages/our-mission). Check out our newest releases (www.nicdandrea.com). And stay tuned for exciting new reveals in the months to come!