Why I decided to clean out Nic D'Andrea's closet, and give it a NEW LOOK....

Why I decided to clean out Nic D'Andrea's closet, and give it a NEW LOOK....

Wow has 2020 been so crazy for our world!! I hope you're all doing well, and staying safe!!  Sometimes in life we have to take time to reflect on the past and envision what is best for our future.  

As all of you know I spent last summer and fall in Nashville with our mobile pop-up store.  I felt it was so important to get out there and meet our customers first-hand, and hear all of your stories. It was the most fun and amazing journey!!  I took everything I learnt from meeting all of you BADA## babes, and decided it was time for Nic D'Andrea to get a makeover.  I began reaching out to my network and meeting with marketing companies from all over the world.  I felt it was time I needed that extra help to really get my vision for Nic D'Andrea out there.  However, I wasn't loving any of the firms I was meeting with and began googling and researching for that special firm that I knew was out there.  I stumbled across an amazing team from London, and I knew from our first phone conversation that is was 100% the right fit for my brand. Ladies, when you know something inside feels right just go with it, the unknown might be scary but trust your gut.  So I signed on with this amazing team, and we began a makeover on Nic D'Andrea, and I have never been so excited for all of you ladies to see everything!! We have been working extra hard on our makeover.....lots of homemade green juice helps energize me for the long nights working hard and I always make time for a good workout.
I can't wait for all of you gorgeous babes to see my new designs, upcoming events, and new collaborations with some new inspiring influencer girl bosses. It has been such a great journey following my dream thus far, and I am thankful for all of you amazing ladies for keeping up with me and the Nic D'Andrea journey.  I am most thankful that we are able to give back to the Girls Inc Charity to help empower young women.  I can't wait for everyone to see what surprise I have ahead for these future girl bosses!!
Keep up with my new weekly blog to stay updated for upcoming sneak peeks for what's ahead, and for a little behind the scenes action.  
P.S. I love hearing from all of you babes!! DM us or comment below with what you want to hear about in my blogs. 


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