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Written by Nicole D'Andrea


Posted on October 21 2019

Hey y'all! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Monday can be so tough but its good to get the week started off right by doing something that makes you feel good! I always make sure I workout on Monday morning to realign my energy and focus and to burn off whatever delicious treats I had over the weekend :)

Speaking of the weekend, we had so much fun in 12 South! We are starting a new campaign called #Lookforthelips and we are encouraging all of you to take a picture with our gorgeous lips logo and post it on social, preferably Instagram. It is super simple and it will earn you a reward, and who doesn't love rewards? 

All you have to do is find our mobile boutique (follow the instagram to stay updated on our locations), get a picture with our lips logo on the side of our boutique, and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #Lookforthelips. You must also tag our page @Nic_Dandrea :) Posting the photo to your story will earn you a free bracelet of your choice, with any one of our fabulous charms. Posting to your wall will get you one of our comfy t-shirts so you can show the world what a boss babe you are!

I am so excited about this and it will be so much fun sharing all of your photos! So keep an eye out for us, and always #Lookforthelips! 


-xoxo Nic 



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