Behind the design process.

Behind the design process.
Hey babes!
Thank you so much for keeping up with my blog.  I loved all of the feedback we received from my last blog.  You guys mentioned you want to hear more about my everyday life and behind the scenes of Nic D'Andrea. So here ya go!
It has been such a wild year for everyone in the world and so many businesses. For us it effected Nic D'Andrea in 2 major ways. 1. We could not have our physical popup store open for several months. 2. Manufacturers were closed as well.  Now that things are slowly opening back I am looking forward to get my creative juices flowing! I am currently working on expanding our tees & sweats apparel collection.  I am SO excited and can't wait for you guys to see my new designs.  I thought it might be cool to give y'all the rundown of what goes into making a new product.  I first start with a mood board to get a visual of what I want this collection's vibe to be.  Then I sketch some styles and sit with our factory to go over the design and make sure it is a conceptual design.  Next, I shop fabric and we begin the sample making process.  After samples are made I send the tops to our local graphic print shop (I love keeping all things made locally if possible).  This next step is my favorite because I get to wear the samples and give some to my friends to test out and give me feedback.  From there, we go into production (larger volume order).  In the meantime, we work with our photographer and amazing models to get some visuals so all of you babes can see them!  Then we take the new images and upload them to our website, and that's it!  Well that isn't it but that is the design process with a lot more tedious steps in between haha.  Late-August /Early-September my new apparel collection will be available!!
I wanted to expand on something that is extremely important to me about manufacturing.  I will only work with manufactures in the USA.  The reason I am so passionate about this topic is I believe I should give back to the country that I live in.  For example, having a business allows me to create jobs for people which helps fuel our economy.  Right now, our new apparel collection is manufactured in Massachusetts and best of all it is a WOMEN OWNED factory, that's right women owned! 
Hope y'all enjoyed this post, see ya next week! xoxo


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